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   Plymouth Colony II, by Sharolyn Wells  
  Novel, first publication in July 2008
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       Additional Information  
      A group of humanoid aliens called Kelkani arrive on Earth after they hear messages of peace sent out. Two years later, Earth Scientists and the Verati (Kelkani scientists) discover a huge meteor shower headed for Earth that will destroy the Big Blue Marble. The commanders of the Kelkani ships propose to remove 100,000 of Earth's young people to their planet. A lottery selects Teris and Eric Keyes from Canada. Along with other Canadians, they go to Chicago's O'Hare Airport where the Kelkani ship is waiting.

    Teris wakes up on an alien world and the humans soon discover that Earth has been destroyed by an alien race called the Novari, an ancient enemy of the Kelkani. She, Eric and the other people begin to make a life for themselves on one of Kelkan's moons. Teris finds herself increasingly attracted to the commander of their camp--Kovar Not.

    Teris soon discovers that Kelkani society is very regimented and caste-conscious. Kovar is a four-star, which means that he can only become intimate with her after they are married. Teris defies the law and seduced Kovar. Unknown to them, a group of Black Ops military are listening to everything going on in most of the camps. They heard Kovar and Teris making love and decide to go after the couple, especially when the humans discover that some of the ships took children from Earth and sold them to the Novari as slave labor.

    One of the Kelkanis is a traitor. He calls the Novari to attack the camp where Teris and Kovar are located. Teris, Kovar and the people in camp are forced to flee. On their way to Kovar's brother's camp, Teris is kidnapped by someone and a woman substitutes for her. Kovar and Eric soon realize the switch and are able to discover where Teris is being held. They, along with the emperor and empress--friends of Kovar's--rescue her, and then go to the Novari planets to rescue the children.

    The court puts the Kelkanis on trial. They've broken the law and must pay the consequences --\exile from Raroona, their main continent. The thousand or so citizens decide that they want to be free of their home continent and change the name of their exiled land--Plymouth Colony II.

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