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   Demon's Delight , by D. Sallen  
  Novel, first publication in July 2008
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       Additional Information  
      Having become aware of Zena's looks, brains and ability, a Master Demon decides that she must become one of them. Zena meets a head nurse, who introduces her to Dr. Kawazumi, a paranormal authority. A friend in her hotel alerts Zena to the casual sex following Fasching Balls. On a trip to Spain, Zena wakes up paralyzed and thinks she is being raped. Later she steps into a painting in the Prado and is led to a man, Flash Gordon, about whom she harbors erotic fantasies. In Bad Rheinheim, while practicing aikido, Zena meets Wolf Schmidt. At a s?ance, a huge wolf face appears in the medium's globe and licks his lips at Zena. The Master has determined that Piq Piper will have the first chance to seduce Zena. If he fails, then Orcus, a werewolf, is next. Dr. Kawazumi warns Zena that she must overcome any werewolf attack, or he will rape her, and thereby make her his werewolf mate.

    Using his magic flute, Piq causes Zena to become intensely erotic. Disguised as Flash Gordon, he seduces her in her room. He will keep returning so that they can continue the fabulous sex they are enjoying. Zena defeats Piq by jamming her cross against his flute. At her RADAR site, Orcus bounds at her, presses her down and prepares to rape her. Before he can do so, a blinding light from Crystal, a Light Elf, forces him off and onto his back, where one of her crew castrates him. He disappears after burning up.

    The Master displays Zena to Lyly, an Amazon Vampire, who is lesbian. Modern Lyly uses a blow gun and dart instead of arrows. Zena wakes up to an orgasm and thinks that her friend, Norma the nurse, is licking her clit. When Lyly slides up to blow her dart into Zena, the latter jams the tube into Lyly's throat, causing her to choke to death and disappear. Zena and Wolf argue over sex after Fasching. Zena seduces him, but he fails to wear a rubber, and she panics on thinking that she must have gotten instantly pregnant. She attends a Fasching Ball alone, and discovers that she is not pregnant, when Hans screws her.

    On the last night of Fasching the final dance partner is Azy (really the Master Demon, Azazel). When the music stops, she is not aware of it. She spirals out of consciousness to find herself with the demon in his princedom. He says that after her period ends, they will enjoy an unbearable transport of joy, after which she will bear his demon son. When she says she will not do what he wants, he threatens to bring Wolf down there too, where Azy will rape him in front of her and then cut off his genitals. When Wolf appears, he undergoes an amazing transformation before initiating an epic confrontation with Azazel.

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  • Adult Content
  • Demons - Evils - Devil
  • Sex - Erotica - Sexuality
  • Vampires - Vampirism
  • Werewolves - Lycanthropy

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