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   Darkness Revealed, by Zandy Kreps  
  Novel, first publication in June 2008
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       Additional Information  
      Before the beginning of time, God created Heaven and then created his first angel. He was the brightest and most intelligent being ever! His name is Lucifer.

    Lucifer recollects the first moments after his birth, when his father told him he was his brightest and his best. He didn-t know then that is was all a great deception. A twisted experiment. It didn't take long for Lucifer to become disillusioned with God-s so-called powers of creation.

    Lucifer takes comfort in knowing mankind is about to discover the truth about Tobiah and his followers: that he is the true leader and bringer of destruction and that he alone is responsible for Lucifer's banishment from heaven and for mankind-s wallow in mediocrity and the reason for the creation of Earth.

    Lucifer recalls out loud how he first proposed laws and regulations, and how Tobiah twisted the plan around to his benefit. He remembers with fury the scuffle they had, followed by a truly destructive act as Tobiah smashed a piano that Lucifer had crafted with his own hands, when he first invented music. With that single act, his hatred of Tobiah increased a million-fold. Lucifer ultimately created nightclubs to give the miserable and depressed of the world a chance to comfort themselves with the music Tobiah had tried to destroy.

    Lucifer relates the story of the day God left heaven and Michael and Tobiah went crazy and when Lucifer tried to sit on his throne and keep order in his father-s absence. Without thinking through the stupidity of his act, Tobiah informed all the angels that Lucifer intended to take over heaven, and that they must decide their fate by choosing whether to follow Lucifer, Tobiah or Michael. When the angels divided into three camps, Lucifer realized with a sense of betrayal that this was what his father had intended all along. It was a set up. A grotesque experiment in creation.

    **Lucifer has been around for decades, doing the Father's will, playing the part as the Big Bad Devil. What a Crock! It has been to far long that Lucifer has remained silent. He is ready to speak the untold truth about why we are all here, and why we must go through the testing ground of our Earthly existences. Nobody requires Lucifer-s guidance to master the creative powers that lie within each person. Every individual God created has freewill. Don-t let your fears stop you from having true freedom of following your hearts desire. Think for yourself, for a change

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