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   Fifth Dimension, by Dejan Djordjevic  
  Novel, first publication in 2008
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       Additional Information  
      THIS WORLD, THE SAME FOR EVERYONE, WAS NOT CREATED BY A HUMAN, BY A GOD, BUT HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE AN ETERNALLY BURNING FIRE, STARTING AND PUTTING OUT WITH A SENSE OF MEASURE. The bottom of the ocean moved with great force, throwing out an enormous tidal wave which lashed into the unprotected islands of the Indonesian archipelago with its full intensity. An earthquake of 5.9 degrees of Richter scale hit this morning the island Sumatra on the northwest of Indonesia, and at the same time an earthquake of 5.4 degrees of Richter scale strikes the Indian archipelagoes Andaman and Nikobar on March 25, 2005. At least 155 people were injured in the earthquake of seven degrees of Richter scale which hit this morning the island Qiousiou on the southwest of Japan on March 20, 2005. A blizzard is raging all over Europe. Low temperatures have caused the oil pipeline Časlav 60 kilometers east of Prag to rupture. Blizzard attacks Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Last year, according to the Luven report, 360 natural disasters were registered, which is 55 more than the previous year, and judging from the reports, natural disasters are increased progressively each year. 1 The war storm flows through my being. Insanity, cries, suffering. Uselessness of existence. The terror of the predestined for knowing the fear. For seeing war devastations and destruction of what has been created for centuries. I live because I have to, I feel because I have been made for it, just as the others. The only difference is that they are immediate participants of all this terrifying madness. I am not. My destiny differs from theirs. They are soldiers. A crowd of moving targets. I am privileged in a physical sense. But not in the mental. I am a war reporter. I have to observe... remember... sympathize. My psyche caves in before the terrified faces on mutilated bodies... I rechecked the speed of movement of the farthest galaxies. The speed was significantly lower than three weeks ago. All cosmological theories as well as the observations and astronomic discoveries made for decades went through my head. He took another look at the figures on the computer monitor in front of him. The figures gave a clear image of the events in the depth of the Universe. Dramatic events. He knew that he was not the only one who came to this discovery. It was crystal clear that other astronomers knew it as well, but none of them said anything about it. The Universe had started to collapse...

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