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   Tara and the Stone of Destiny, by Bil Romain  
  Novel, first publication in September 2008
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       Additional Information  
      Step once again into the mind of writer Bil Romain as he takes you on another roller coaster of a ride, this time you might want to pull down the safety bar and hang on tight. In his first novel, The Shamesamson Manor: Tale of a Simple Crown, Bil introduced you to Colin Doremus, a nine year old American boy who moved with his mom and dad into the eight hundred year old Shamesamson Manor, a family estate on a small hill overlooking the quaint old village of Gonnil, Ireland. Once there he discovers a whole new world, a world teaming with difference both magical and normal, as if anything in Gonnil is normal. There's all your favorite characters from the first book plus dozens more, this time in this second novel, The Shamesamson Manor: Tara and the Stone of Destiny, Bil blows the lid off. There's more of everything this time around. More excitement, more thrills, more adventure, more characters and of course more of Bil own brand of hilarious fun. A school assignment takes Colin and his best friend Ayala to the Royal Hill of Tara, a seven thousand year old site in Ireland where they will each learn something about themselves. Gonnil is buzzing with excitement as the ladies of the village prepare for the upcoming Flower Show. All the strange and magical folk of the marshes are back as well. The marshes are wood's and bog's that team with Irish myth and lore. Fachan's, Prowler's, Dryad's, Brownies, Sprite's and a several centuries old Elf by the name Darkeen Ra who lives inside an ages old living tree. There's more people in the marshes this time around like Binky and Needlewick two of the most unforgettable characters Bil has ever created and Heartworm and Snodspeck two of the ugliest Boggie's who ever lived. There's new danger as well in Maraza whose cunning might rival any in the marshes. New discoveries and a whole new story await you all you have to do is open the door of the Shamesamson Manor . . . and step inside.

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  • Shamesamson Manor, The (#2)

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  • Elves - Elven Lore
  • Magic - Magicians - Sorcerers - Witches - Wizards

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