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   Form Changer, by Susan Bowers  
  Novel, first publication in August 2008
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      Tara's childhood is fraught with difficulty. Her brothers tease her unmercifully, especially about her red hair. She changes to animal shape when she needs to escape her tormentors. Her parents also treat her badly. One day she overhears them talking about selling her to slavery, learns that this is not her family. She manages to escape as a crow.

    She meets some unusual people, learns they are Elves and becomes friendly with their King Zolnay. He gives her a magic bag that will always provide her with food.

    Along the way in her travels, she overhears a commotion and as a hawk rescues a boy from a rabid wolf. She and the boy whose name is Reblon, become friends, but later learns that he is a prince. She knows that she is not fit companion for royalty.

    After saving a town from bandits, she flies to the castle to tell Reblon. He is delighted to see her, but she says he should find a fitter companion and leaves.

    Back on the road she hears some hunters and as they leave sees that there has been an accident. She discovers that it is Reblon.

    She calls to the Elves; they bring him to Arborheim and after much time manage to get him to walk. Tara stays there with him. They find they love one another. King Zolnay adopts Tara as his daughter. When they return to the castle, Reb convinces his parents to consent to their marriage.

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