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   Slave, The, by Dejan Djordjevic  
  Novel, first publication in 2008
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       Additional Information  
      My name is Herbert. I am a slave. I didn’t used to be one. I had my own family, my home, my friends... My status changes the day They arrived. They came for me. Even today I do not know I was their random choice, without predetermined action plan. It’s possible I was, but I could not swear it was so. And it’s possible that a chain of events influenced my current status which is utterly humiliating. There used to be wars on Earth. It was a long time ago, we studied that in school from the textbooks in the subject called history. Slaves were mostly black colored people, brought from the colonies established during wars of conquest. Former great forces, wealthy countries, strived to expand their sphere of influence. And they succeeded. The attacked countries were too weak to offer serious resistance to the conquerers. The slaves were taken to large estates of the powerful people and there they did the hardest works. They had no rights, including the basic right to live. They were like things – walking apparitions of washed brains. That is what I am now. The difference is that they slaved in one period of the history of Earth and I in another. The ancient one, from one point of view, although it is very hard to explain. Sometimes I have a feeling that I don’t care about anything. I have the impression that I have been here for a long time, although, if I wanted to, I could calculated exactly how long I have been in this forced slavery. And it all started like this. It was a cold winter night, in 1998, December 12 at 02:30 local time. I was starting the night rounds of the area I knew well in the patrol police car. - Herbi, is everything all right? – they asked me from the central police station in Vaku. - I think so. It’s 02:20 now. Outdoor thermometer reads 5 degrees below zero – I answered. - The important thing is that it is warm in the car – said Robert, deputy chief of police station. – Don't go out – he added with a smile. - I wouldn't think of it – I answered. – I'm not a big fan of winter. - That's your job – Robert reminded me. – We are not keen on winter either. - I'm continuing the rounds towards roads 6 and 63 – I informed them. - O.K. Call back in another ten minutes. - Agreed – I said. Agains all my expectations the bottom of the object opened and three humanoid apparitions headed towards me. I could watch them sliding slowly down the ploughed up field. I concluded that they were much much smaller than me, although from that distance I couldn’t tell precisely how tall they were. Their heads were unusually big, flattened at the ends of the skull. They were hairless and they had something in their hands. I panicked. I was helpless and the only thing I could do was to expect what would happen next. Multitude of quick thoughts ran through my brain. Who are they and what are their intentions? My chances of defense, if they were enemies, were slim and the weapon I had was totally useless. If I wanted to or not, I had to surrender to faith whatever it was. They came real close. They were about 1.40 m tall with huge skulls and black spiral eyes. They had thin openings for mouths which as far as I could tell was of no use whatsoever. A ray of intense light came over me and I fell into complete darkness against my will...

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