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   Morgos Incident, The, by Olivia Smith  
  Novel, first publication in May 2009
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       Additional Information  
      Doctor Elizabeth Thorne, head of the botanical research facility on Earth, is invited aboard the Starship Draco to help with a single mission. She falls in love with the Ship’s Captain, solves the troubles of an endangered world, and becomes entangled in the politics of the Federation Alliance. She, along with the Captain and Crew of the Draco, then has to try to solve the mystery of a human Colony destroyed years before in an unknown event, in order to save the Federation and an entire race of friendly aliens. She will need all of her knowledge as a Botanist, and all of her abilities as a Sympath, to solve the puzzles that have been plaguing the Federation Alliance and help to save her Ship from destruction.
    Told from Elizabeth’s point of view, this is a new take on a space adventure.
    Imagine being able to feel what your lover feels. Imagine what it would be like to always be as certain of their feelings as your own. And to have the pleasure of sharing those feelings with each other.
    Imagine the fear when you feel their pain. Imagine how difficult it would be if you felt that pain and were unable to help. Imagine the immense guilt of feeling that their suffering was your doing. And the joy when you are able to put things right.
    Such are the lives of the Sympath and her Captain.
    While solving the problems of alien worlds, they face the destruction of their own society. But they are able to face the danger, thanks in large part to their shared strength and their love for each other. When one is threatened, the other comes to the rescue. And they can only save the day together.

      Part of series  
  • Elizabeth Thorne (#1)

      Related theme(s)  
  • Galactic Empires, Leagues & Federations
  • Romance - Love Story
  • Space Ships - Spacecraft

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