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   Challenge To The Stars, by G. Bryan Smith  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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       Additional Information  
      It is the 25th Century. The space cruiser Beagle explores a planet ravaged by war millennia ago, now inhabited by hostile, savage, mutated descendants of the planet’s original humanoid species.

    When the Beagle re-enters orbit on departure, the craft is shot down by an ancient, planetary defense network long pre-dating the alien savages. The aliens abduct two women officers—the sexy and sultry Maya Terrazone and the bright but petulant Veronica Winters. Colonel Kendrick Landry, together with Veronica’s pet telepathic alien tiger named Jones, leads a rescue party to find and bring back the two women. Even if the two women still live and Landry can rescue them, he wonders if his group can survive another crossing of the planet’s desert terrain—teeming with the savage humanoids—to return to the Beagle.

    More, it will be virtually impossible to repair crash damage to the Beagle with the creatures lurking outside the craft.

    The Beagle team learns that the savage alien race is going extinct because a virus from long ago biological warfare has killed off all the females. All the surviving creatures are male. Landry poses a challenge to the Beagle’s genetic scientists: can they create adult females for the creatures and preserve the planet’s dying humanoid race? If so, might the added presence of females distract the vicious male creatures and permit the Beagle crew to complete repairs and escape the planet?

    But even if the Beagle crew does regain orbit around the planet, then the ancient,

    mechanized planetary defense network may fire upon them a second—and likely fatal—final time.

    This dilemma is Colonel Landry and the Beagle crew’s Challenge To The

    Stars . . .

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