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   King of Zaya, by R. Richard  
  Novel, first publication in January 2009
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      Justin Imperiale is now the King of The Islands and the King of Zaya.

    Seeing that Colonel Dakon Harkand, the Ambassador from Dorond, is about to marry Norva Lemni, the Ambassador from the PCP, and never one to miss an opportunity, Justin plans for the arrival of advanced civilization representatives who will supposedly come to attend the wedding. They will come to discuss trade with The Islands and Zaya.

    Following the wedding, Justin is stalked by assassins who he manages to kill without the use of firearms. He then uses the incident to use some of Colonel Harkand's Dorond Marines to catch the mastermind behind the assassins. During the wedding, there are any number of advanced civilizations who are anxious to discuss the purchase of an anti-gravity barge from Justin. He see that the gravity barge is one reason why his old enemies, the Arquellians, want to kill him, while the rest of the advanced civilizations want to keep him alive. He realizes that advanced technology is necessary to keep him alive. Justin also realizes that he must obtain more scrolls from the Temples of Vorell.

    A problem arises in Zaya, due to a water shortage and he is able to solve the problem with a simple device. However, the solution to the problem leads to a sort of micro-war with some Zayan's. Justin's forces win the war and he obtains a 'cheap copy' of an Arquellian energy weapon that he believes may not be a cheap copy. Justin also manages to extend his Kingdom a bit further South, as the farmers who accept his solution to the water shortage also accept his rule.

    As Justin tries to attract new business to Zaya, a man named Omaro approaches him. Omaro is the chief of a jungle tribe and his people are being abused by Zayans that Justin doesn't control. Omaro tells Justin about a magic sword and a scroll that contains secrets of the sky. Justin obtains the sword and the scroll at the cost of a war in the jungle and a visit to a mysterious temple in the jungle. He discovers that the 'magic sword' that he obtained is a sword used by a Prince of a centuries old civilization based in the South Continent. The sword is a high technology item and tells him the story of a march from the South Continent mountains to the jungle of Omaro's people.

    Needing money to finance his new Kingdom of Zaya, he then travels to the South Continent with some of Omaro's warriors to recover emeralds hidden by the Prince who carried the sword and the scroll from the South Continent to Omaro's jungle. The recovery of the emeralds involves a battle with a jungle tribe in the South Continent. During the adventures involving the emeralds, Justin discovers that the mysterious South Continent civilization that delivered him the magic sword probably came from an advanced civilization planet. The advanced civilization planet was home to a race of warrior priests and their religion is very similar to the teachings of the Priests of Vorell. Justin suspects a connection to Lord Vorell himself.

    Among the emeralds that Justin obtained from the South Continent is one called 'The Eye of The World.' The emerald has some magic/advanced technology properties and will aid Justin in the expansion of his kingdom. He then travels to Mervon for a meeting of the Association of Nations and to sell some of the emeralds. There is an attempt to rob his hotel room and the forces of the South Zayan government are caught red handed. The result is that Justin is now recognized by the Association of Nations as the King of Zaya.

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