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   Realms, by Shera Robison  
  Novel, first publication in 209
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       Additional Information  
      Eva Gray-Faine has just found out that she's an Angelus Vampiric and changing species is the least of her problems. Eva will have to fight for her life and for the strange love that has taken refuge within it. In Realms, the first book of the Angelic Vampire Series, Eva is a normal teenager with a normal boring life. That was until she turned eighteen and found out her life was just a façade. Not only is she not a normal teenager, she’s not even human. With all three realms seeking to destroy her and her bloodline, she has to find a way to complete her phasing into a full blown vampiric angel without getting killed first. Things become even more problematic when a human boy falls in love with Eva. Finding out her secret won’t be the worst of Max’s problems. Those will come later when he too becomes guilty by association and sentenced to death. If The Council of Novena decides to let Eva live, it is the others that the realms shadow, who will think otherwise. She could fight off each of the three realms, but could she do it while her body betrayed her?

    - excerpt from "Realms" of when Eva discovers her element- "I awoke with my sheets clinging to me. My body was burning, so feverish that beads of sweat were stinging my eyes as they relentlessly rolled towards my chin. I filled my lungs with a deep pool of air and began to chant to myself… Calm down, this is perfectly normal for any newly phasing hybrid. My ignorant attempt would soon prove to be impotent. My head was frantic and my body was tight, my throat dry, my eyes burning. I decided to lie back down regardless of the mass amounts of sweat that doused the sheets beneath me. I threw the covers over the edge of the bed and pulled my knees up to my chin. The heat radiating from my arms only multiplied as they wrapped warily around my folded legs. I safely tucked myself into a secure fetal position and closed my eyes."

    - excerpt from "Realms" when Eva meets Merrick for the first time - "The meadow was nearly awash with death and destruction, as I watched in horror, a velveteen voice called to me from the far distance. I dare not cross over the steady traveling darkness for fear of what would become of me. My eyes were widened and still; only flinching at my feeble attempts to cure me of the maniacal screams.
    Then out of the blowing ash I could see something, someone crossing the unfurling death, just as I had refused not to. I could make out nothing more than a blurry outline before me as it traveled towards where I stood frightened. Bit by bit, like a picture coming into focus.
    He was beautiful. I gasped as his skin, a blue reflective tone that caught the eye as soon as he moved. His sway was almost melodic, one foot creating a note that complimented the other in harmony. He truly was the most beautiful creature, stunning as my eyes felt guilty for adjusting my gaze to keep a steady watch.
    I pressed my lips together to wane any unwanted sounds that would disturb his harmonious gait. As he pushed through the ash it billowed around him in an artistic swirl, the swirls drew back behind him to release an imperial blue flame. The fire licked its surroundings and took hold, creating a flickering blaze where the lush meadow once stood."

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  • Angelic Vampire, The (#1)

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  • Angels - Archangels - Guardian Angels - Dark Angels
  • Children, Teens, Kids.
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