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   Florida House Mission one, by Kristie Lynn Higgins  
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       Additional Information  
      This is the Second Printing of the Florida House- Mission One (the First Printing under the name- Unexplained Unexpected Vampires) This edition includes two additional short stories, besides Behemoth which was included in the First Printing.

    The Florida House- Mission One
    The Florida House is part of an organization that searches for creatures that hide in the night. Shunned by the others in the organization (because of their unusual hobbies and/or attitudes) they must prove themselves worthy of their positioning while searching for vampires and other monsters that hunt man.

    Mr. Matt Steed- A billionaire and leader of the Florida House. He holds together this ragtag team.

    Dr. Orval Doubt-Cryptozoologist and resident hacker. He believes in government conspiracies and the existence of aliens.

    Kirk T. James- Watcher. He brings his love of Star Trek to work.

    Mr. Juan Santoes-Slayer and lone wolf of the group. A childhood tragedy fuels his passion to take out all vampires.

    Ms. Staplehouse-Skeptic and debunker of things that go bump in the night.

    These members make up the Florida House. Little do they know one of their own is hiding a dark secret.

    Shunned- The Metal Veil and Weeping Sword Named Tear

    Shy (a warrior woman) has lived with a deformity that has shunned her from society. Can she make a life for herself as a Hunter (one who kills monsters)? Or will her curse be her downfall?

    Rapkin (a warrior) partners with this mysterious Shy, who wears a Metal Veil. What could she be hiding behind the half mask? A beauty beyond words or something more terrifying? Will he discover why she is called the Shunned?

    Ragon (the Manslayer of Torlawn) is a dragon out for revenge. Will he be able to avenge a past atrocity? Or will Shy and Rapkin do what no other hunter has been able to accomplish? Will they kill the Manslayer of Torlawn? Or will they end up as his next victims?

    Read the first installment of this Fantasy Sword and Sorcery short story series.

    Grimm- Jane's Entrance

    Jane enters the bizarre fairy tale world of Grimm. To survive, she has to find a job. Can she make it her first day as a delivery girl? Or will she be eaten? Will Jane ever find her way back home?


    Sailors on a wrecked ship face a giant sea serpent from the depths. Will they survive long enough to see the light of dawn? Or will Davy Jones Locker be their lot?

      Part of series  
  • Horror Monster Parody Series (#1)

      Related theme(s)  
  • Disabilities - Handicapped - Blinds - Deafs
  • Horror - Terror
  • Humor - Comedy - Satire
  • Knights - Warriors - Samourais - Gladiators
  • Vampires - Vampirism

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