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   Nauq, The, by Steve Messick  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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      An intergalactic adventure spanning time and space.

    The malevolent Nauq had slain all other races in their own galaxy and when the Calaren encountered them, the Nauq were about to embark on a seditious campaign to destroy all life in the universe - one galaxy at a time. The Calarenís powers included experimenting with time travel and their first attempt to stop the Nauq was in the form of Amalgaman who turned out to be even more evil and their efforts ended with the Calaren galaxy the victim of a partly self-inflicted temporal anomaly.

    That anomaly, thought to have killed Amalgaman, caused thousands of years to pass outside in only a few weeks for the Calaren, but they had to try again. By Earth year 2198, the Nauq were carrying out their nefarious plot and now infested other galaxies. Soon their destructive path would lead to the Milky Way and Earth. The Calaren searched the 58 galaxies again and found an Arian princess in one galaxy, in another a telekinetic and on Earth in the 21st through 25th centuries, a handful of Terrans with phenomenal powers to form a new champion: Empyrean.

    Will this second attempt, stop the Nauq before humankind is obliterated from all known space, or would it end in a universal temporal disaster?

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  • Empyrean (#1)

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