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   Mountains of the North, by Charles O'Halloran Boyd  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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       Additional Information  
      Six million Talagardians. Forty-eight million peasants. Forty thousand dinosaurs. In the Talagardian Empire, might makes right, and vicious prejudices and tyranny rule the day. In Mountains of the North, the talking dinosaurs are believed to be demons and are hunted down by the Talagardians and despised by many peasants. The peasants, meanwhile, are forced to work perpetually for their Talagardian overlords with barely enough food to stay alive.
    Menerith has been physically handicapped since birth, the result of his mother having been assaulted by the son of the Talagardian Emperor during her pregnancy. Growing up oppressed and enslaved, the young man eventually comes into conflict with the Talagardian aristocracy, and, through a series of events, joins the dinosaurs. Aided by two older dinosaurs, the serious but patient Balthazar and the comedic but helpful Hod, Menerith must lead a last ditch attempt to prevent the dinosaurs from being wiped out and the peasants from being slaves forever.

    But the fight for freedom will be very difficult. The Talagardians have a history of dealing with subversives brutally, and many peasants have no desire to fight alongside dinosaurs. And as if that weren't enough, another group dedicated to overthrowing the Talagardian aristocracy exists, and joining forces with this group is not an option.

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  • Battle for Freedom Trilogy (#1)

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