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   Chasing Demons, by R. L. Geerdes  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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       Additional Information  
      The fantasy book Chasing Demons takes place a year after the conclusion of the first Mistress of Beasts book, Wizard's Secrets. Our friends, Castin, Katrina, Drestin, and Cypris find themselves the target of a sorceress bent on revenge. Using magic, cunning, and sword-play, they struggle to learn trust and overcome betrayal as they out-wit the sorceress.

    After choosing to stay in Arconia instead of returning to Earth, Katrina settled with Castin in a small cabin in the Black Forest to lead a secluded life away from the problems of the rest of the races. Trouble comes calling, when a sorceress kidnaps Katrina and sends her to Earth, using a powerful spell to make her think she's been in a coma. Quickly forgetting her time in Arconia, she tries to pick up her life where she'd left off before being taken to the magical land by her griffin father. But strange occurrences, memory lapses, and nightmares quickly make her and others question her sanity, landing her in an asylum.

    Castin and Drestin follow, searching for her on Earth. Unable to use his natural druid magic, Castin begins his own journey of self discovery, relearning to use abilities from his elven upbringing. After facing off with local law enforcement and a beast in the guise of Katrina's ex-fiancé, the group realizes that the sorceress has cut off their means of returning to Arconia, leaving them with the question of how to get home.

    Left behind, Cypris and Rueben, druid apprentice, travel the lands searching for the troublesome sorceress. But the only way to track her is for Rueben to sync his mind with the sorceress', unwittingly giving her the ability to know where they are as well, and she is more than happy to take advantage of the knowledge. They begin to wonder if they'll reach her before being killed by some nasty trap she's set.

      Part of series  
  • Chasing Demons (#2)

      Related theme(s)  
  • Apprentices - Assistants
  • Elves - Elven Lore
  • Fairy Realms - Enchanted kingdoms - Magic Worlds
  • Magic - Magicians - Sorcerers - Witches - Wizards
  • Priests- Shamans - Druids
  • Sword and Sorcery

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