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   Duke Of Averon, by R. Richard  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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       Additional Information  
      In this action packed 6th book in the series, Justin manages to convert a war missile to a space delivery vehicle, in order to sell his anti-gravity units to advanced civilizations. The successful space mission results in Justin being offered the title of Duke of Moxon, by the King. However, Justin waits until he's offered the title of Duke of Averon.

    Moxon is a relatively impoverished area of southern Averon that become Justin's assignment. They grow cotton in Moxon. However, Justin knows of a 'royal cotton,' grown in the South Continent. Justin and some volunteers from 'The Institute for Cotton Research' then fly down to the South Continent to grab some royal cotton. They get the cotton, but Justin has to be abandoned in a jungle full of hostile natives.

    Justin outruns the natives and, in the process, finds what appears to be two star gates. He also finds a Glyon sigil. The find reinforces the idea that an ancient high mountain civilization was at least alien ruled. He then works on his duties as King and also works on developing sword skills, using the sword he obtained from the temple in the jungle.

    Then, trouble erupts in Zaya. A pretender to the throne of Zaya wants a war. Justin easily defeats the pretender's army, but then has to face a sword fight with the pretender. Having won the military battle, Justin is faced with finding work for the conquered. He manages to get some low level advanced civilization technology to solve the problems.

    A former Arquellian battlewagon, patrolling the space around Corin then intercepts a shipload of refugees from Ruanth in a stolen space vehicle. Justin and Norva Lemni then aid the refugees. In the process,Justin 'acquires' a patrol boat from the space vehicle. He also becomes a pilot and learns a bit about interstellar travel.

    Justin then gets some staff from the King of Averon, so that he can manage his affairs as the Duke of Averon. In return,Justin is asked to solve the problem of a march of impoverished people from Zaya into Averon. He solves the problem and then needs to find jobs for the Zayans. Justin then sets up sales of Zayan products in Averon. In the process he meets some Averonean film stars.

    The refugees from Ruanth are now pursued by a legendary demon. Justin fights the demon in an epic sword battle. At the end of the sword battle the body of the demon is retrieved by a mysterious being. Justin for the first time glimpses what just might be a demi-god. He still has business affairs to tend to, but the future looks bright and he still has his second chance!

      Part of series  
  • Second Chance (#6)

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  • Demons - Evils - Devil
  • War

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