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   King Of TheSky, by R. Richard  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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       Additional Information  
      In the eighth book in this action packed series a telephone call sends Justin Imperiale to the South Continent. The caller is a man who claims to be from planet Glyon. Justin flies to the South Continent to talk to the man about re-establishing an ancient Empire along the mountain crests.

    Justin meets the man and convinces him that he, Justin, is the King of The Sky, a legendary warrior who can defeat any man in combat. The man then returns to Glyon. Justin is contacted by a man who claims to be from the South Continent and also claims to have information regarding a major drug shipment, due to leave the South Continent. The information is supposed to lead Justin into a trap. However, he is clever enough to avoid the trap and seize a couple of drug shipments.

    The men from Glyon return. They might be willing to try to set up an Empire, but first they must talk to a High Priest of the Temple of Vorell.

    While waiting to make the trip to see the High Priest of the Temple of Vorell, Justin is attacked in his hotel room, but escapes. He and the men from Glyon then travel to talk with the High Priest of the Temple of Vorell. It's decided that the people of Glyon will come through the Gate and try to establish a new Empire. The capital will be near the old Empire capital city of Corzaro. The start of the new Empire will be financed by gold and emeralds, mined from jungle mines, discovered by the ancient Empire.

    The need to operate mine in the jungle leads Justin and Tapu, the leader of the men from Glyon, into a conference with the jungle people. Justin reinforces his standing as King of The Sky. Tapu then begins to set up the new Empire.

    Justin returns to Zaya to crush the last warlord and also to obtain fighter aircraft for the new Empire. Glyon mechanics go with Justin and refurbish the aircraft. Glyon pilot then fly the aircraft back to the South Continent and are attacked on the way.

    Justin discovers that the Association of Nations betrayed the Glyon flight and he retaliates by seizing bank accounts.

    The Sky Path people attack the Glyon, who use advanced weapons to defeat the attack with little loss of life. Justin makes it appear as if the magic of the King of The Sky caused the defeat and builds the image of the new Empire among the original inhabitants. After the initial defeat, Justin leads a raid on a Sky Path camp and again defeats the Sky Path people. Justin also finds evidence that the Association of Nations is secretly funding the Sky Path. Justin then must fight a warrior, recruited by the Sky Path to prove his tight the title King of The Sky.

    With the Sky Path well on the way to its defeat, Justin now turns to the problem of the President of Alvarado. Justin has promised to make the sky fall on the President. So, he uses the space patrol boats and his anti-gravity machines to do a bit of asteroid mining. Astronomers have found a nickel iron asteroid not too far from Corin. He arranges for the asteroid to be dropped on the Presidential Compound of Alvarado. The asteroid ends the problem of the President and the distribution of the nickel iron will create jobs for the subjects of the Empire.

    Justin then gets Tapu and the President of the Association of Nations to agree to return a mysterious tribe of original inhabitants from the jungle to the mountain crests.

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  • Second Chance (#8)

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  • Galactic Empires, Leagues & Federations
  • Knights - Warriors - Samourais - Gladiators
  • Priests- Shamans - Druids

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