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   King Of The Islands, by R. Richard  
  Novel, first publication in 2008
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       Additional Information  
      Justin Imperiale has become the absolute monarch of the island of Fori Novor. His rule has done so well for the island that the surrounding islands place themselves under his rule in order to survive economically.

    Justin then flimflams the Association of Nations into letting him make the waters around his expanded kingdom of The Islands into the private property of the new kingdom of The Islands.

    A dispute arises between The Islands and the kingdom of Zaya over the ownership of an uninhabited island. In the process of flimflamming the Association of Nations into giving The Islands sovereignty over the disputed island, Justin is approached by Zayan rebels.

    The Zayan rebels feel that they are misruled by the King of Zaya and basically slaves of drug dealers who infest the area of northern Zaya. The Zayan rebels agree to make Justin King of Zaya if he can solve their problems.

    Justin doesn't want to war with the drug dealers, so he adopts a simple strategy of stealing the drug dealers drugs and money. As a result of the wealth transfer, the drug dealer empire collapses and Justin becomes the King of northern Zaya.

    Justin's new title of King of Zaya pus him at conflict with the current King of Zaya. A war is likely. The old King has tanks and Justin has none. Justin has the means to fight the old King's tanks, but then the tanks would be destroyed. Justin decides to 'acquire' some of the old King's tanks and other armament. Of course, since it's Justin, theft is in play. However, the Zayan rebels also acquire some tanks. The balance begins to swing in favor of Justin.

    Justin reasons that the current King of Zaya lives in a palace in Zaya City and there's only one King in the palace. Thus Justin feels that the right commando can take down the current King of Zaya and win the war. As a result, a disguised Justin travels to Zaya City to take care of business. The old King has heavily armed guards, Justin has mainly his wits. It's not an even match

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  • Second Chance (#5)

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  • Kings, Queens & Princes - Emperors - Kingdoms & Empires
  • Revolution - Revolt - Rebels

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