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   Four Paths to Forever, by Richard S. Lucas  
  Novel, first publication in 2008
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      Four Paths To Forever

    Hopi Indian Legend calls it, ‘Sipapu’. A mythical gateway between the world we live in and the Innerworld from which the First People came. In 2000BC, a group of 200 passed through this gateway into this world. They were sent by their gods to teach the inhabitants. They were also to leave clues to find this gateway and return to the Innerworld. They split into four groups and each with one piece of a map, headed out into this new land. A lifetime later they had failed. The local inhabitants were uninterested in their teachings, they were content with their lives. The clues left behind by the strangers were ignored and forgotten for 4000 years. Until a young girl listened to stories of the Sipapu around a campfire in Canyon de Chelly located in Northern Arizona.
    Twenty years later, archeologist Sandra Adams had a promising career in her field of Native American Studies, but it was about to fall apart. Ever since she had heard of the gateway she had searched for its location. The search had so consumed her that she was in jeopardy of losing her position at the university. She was given one last chance. She would lead a dig at a newly discovered site in Kentucky.
    Once on site her resolve to walk the straight and narrow quickly dissolved. What was thought to be a pristine, undisturbed Adena Indian mound was rapidly turning into a village of a totally unknown people. As the clues continued to confound, Tom Bentley, a self made millionaire, and amateur archeologist offered to have samples carbon date tested at his Colorado facility. Against her better judgment, Sandra agreed. When the tests came back dating the samples to be 4000 years old, Sandra knew she had found the first evidence of her search. The university would have to listen. Unfortunately they did not, and her subsequent recall and firing ended her career.
    But now the next chapter in her life was beginning. Her ever-increasing dreams of the first people and their world, and the spirit of her old Indian friend, aid her in her search. She is in a race against time that spreads from Kentucky to the totem parks of Alaska to Samwell Caves in northern California. With an old colleague trying to steal her discovery, only one question remained. What would she do if she found the gateway and it opened?

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  • Forever (#1)

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  • Archaeologists - Paleoanthropologist - Anthropologist
  • California
  • Native Americans
  • Parallel Universes - Alternate Worlds - Other Dimensions - Alternate Reality
  • U.S.A.

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