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   Where Did The Elves Go?, by Norman Racine  
  Novel, first publication in 2009
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      Jonathan Smyth gets out of his black experimental automobile, and pats it on the roof saying, "go find a parking space." The car rolls away without a sound executing its master's command. He steps to the curb heading into the convenience store for something to eat on the way home, when a headline in the local newspaper catches his eye. It reads, “Elf Still in Comma.”
    “What?” John puts a coin in the slot for the paper with the elf‘s picture in a hospital bed on the front. He walks inside reading the article, and then holds it up to Jimmy, the store clerk. “Can you believe this?”
    Jimmy waves to acknowledge John, who is a frequent customer to the establishment While he takes care of another customer, John reads, "the condition of the elf continues to improve, but doctors show little hope for this mysterious stranger to ever regain consciousness.
    "Little is known of her in the three days she has been with us. We still can't figure out where she has come from. or how she got here. She has no identification, but the leather clothing she wore, and the sword and dagger attached to her belt only serves to deepen the mystery.
    "There are theories..." John stops right there not able to buy into some elaborate hoax probably perpetrated by some company trying to sell something, when everything went wrong.
    Jim comes over to John’s side of the counter, “you haven’t heard?”
    “This?” He holds up the paper. “This has got to be some kind of joke. Come on. Elves?”
    “You of all people… I would have thought you would have put some stock in her story.”
    “Her? I’ve seen a lot of things in my long life, but never elves.”
    “Where have you been? She's all over the news.”
    “Huh! Japan,” John looks over the article some more.
    “No wonder!” He looks to the television behind the counter. “Here, it’s five o’clock. She usually makes the 5 o’clock news. They are calling it the elf watch.”

    “Huh! Japan,” John looks over the article some more.
    “No wonder!” He looks to the television behind the counter. “Here, it’s five o’clock. She usually makes the 5 o’clock news. They are calling it the elf watch.”
    John folds the paper, and follows Jim to the television.
    The news logo plays, and Jim turns up the sound as the store gathers to watch for the elf. The anchorwoman comes on, and says, "we have a syrup truck stuck in the I90 tunnel." She then turns to her co-anchor.
    He says "that's right. There has been a four car and semi accident in the I90 tunnel. The tanker was carrying maple syrup."
    Some of the costumers wave at the television in protest.
    The man goes on, "there seems to be no fatalities at the moment."
    "Ah," the customers complain, while interrupting the newscast.
    "Elf watch," one of them demands, and John looks on wishing he could have come up with a stunt like this.
    The anchorwoman says, “the elf has awaken.”
    The store erupts with cheers, and Jim waves at them to be quite.
    The screen goes on location at Mercy General Hospital where a woman reporter says, “that’s right Mandy.” The reporter walks backward to a hospital bed with somebody in it. “Here behind me is the elf America has been rooting for.” The reporter turns, and the camera moves in on the young woman with long ears and slanted eyes laying in the bed. “And yes we know her name,” the reporter says as she walks to the left side of the bed, and holds the microphone down to the elf.
    “My name is Scarletnight.”
    “That was English Mandy. She will not elaborate on how she knows our language, but she is asking for someone....

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