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   Merehr, by Shytei Corellian  
  Novel, first publication in 2010
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      In the high mountain valley of Rieeve, on the planet Leer, Wing and Nien were raised as brothers. Wing looked nothing like his birth parents-a beautiful mutant among his fair-skinned race with deep olive skin and straight black hair. Nien, his brother, also looked nothing like his family. As an adopted son with black, iridescent skin, he'd been abandoned and then found at the edge of the fields belonging to his brother's family. An isolated valley, Wing and Nien's people have lived secluded for hundreds of revolutions. But on the edge of their peaceful, stunning valley, a storm is brewing. Their Ancient Writings speak of it, the people can feel it, and they want Wing, as the one they believe to be the Leader of Legend, to do something about it. However, Wing is a farmer, a reader and tender of the land. He wants nothing to do with the prophecy though he tries to understand the fanatical hold it has on his people. Nien, meanwhile, is at the vanguard of change in Rieeve with the institution of a military force, and his insatiable curiosity for books and knowledge outside of that accepted by their culture. Breaking tradition and shattering the hopes and wishes of their people on all sides, the brothers strive to retain a sense of who they are in the face of what their people want from them. Nevertheless, neither brother can change what is coming: During one of their people's triannual festivals, a race from a distant continent strikes and in one night their entire race is reduced to nine souls. Neither brother knows the other has survived. Wing escapes into the mountains. Nien, terribly wounded, makes his way to the valley of Legran where he is taken in and nursed back to health by a man called Monteray and his wife, Kate. In the mountains, Wing, on the verge of starvation, happens upon a small cabin in the night. He collapses at the door only to find out later that the owner of the cabin had, at one time, been one of Wing's own race, a man whom his people had once thought was the Leader of Legend, just like Wing. Revived, Wing learns from the Old Man how to live in the mountains before a confrontation with a shy-teh (a large but shy, terrestrial mountain cat), almost kills him. Only just recovered, Wing continues on to the valley of Legran where he meets a young boy who takes him to the house of his uncle, a man who turns out to be Monteray, the same man that took Nien in. There, Wing and Nien discover each other-but Nien is in disguise as a servant in the Monteray household, or so Wing believes. The brothers reunite secretly, until, at last, Monteray says that he already knew who they were and why they came to him after the devastation of their valley. He asks for their help to implement a plan to unite the valleys before every race on their continent falls prey to the invading forces from the north, but Wing is secretly wrought with guilt over the loss of his people, believing it was his fault for not being what his people wanted him to be, for not believing in them as they believed in him, and he turns his back on Monteray hoping Nien will come with him. Nien says he will-that he is with Wing, no matter what. On the verge of losing himself entirely, an event touches upon Wing before he can leave the valley with Nien: he collapses and finds himself seeing through the life force itself. He sees his world, their galaxy, and all the life in it, as one thing. The illumination shows him who he truly is; as Wing says: Who We All Are. With Wing's backing an Alliance is formed, he and Nien return to Rieeve, and the pivotal point of change for not only their continent but for their entire world is set in motion

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