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   Evolussion, by Kathy Bell  
  Novel, first publication in 2010
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      Twenty-six years of planning could not prepare them for this.

    The world is well aware of the ongoing efforts of megacorp Three Eleven after they went public in 1985 about an impending asteroid impact coming in 2011. What they don't know about is the new species of human evolving within the walls of the corporation. Company figurehead Dawn Ingram has not only a secret identity, but also a secret entity within her genes. This strand of alien DNA has been passed on to the fifty-three children infiltrating Three Eleven initiatives, carrying with them the lifetime memories and knowledge of their parents, and something more. Two of these children make an alarming discovery on a Jovian moon, setting in motion a cascading series of events which will tear apart the team which has worked together for decades.

    Corporate control of information and technology keeps the world complacent as Three Eleven proceeds with their plans, unchallenged with the exception of underground journalist Stew Singleton. His Stewlogs shout out to those who will listen, demanding people ask more questions, look more closely, and wrest back some of the power they had ceded to Three Eleven in the panic of '85. Although he does not work hand-in-hand with them, he does applaud the efforts of terrorist group Anvolussion. A group whose leader, Lavrentios Alexopoulos, has gone missing after a bombing went wrong.

    Nothing in the world is quite like Nicholas Weaver expected to find when he lay himself down to die for the eleventh time, awakening again as a twelve-year-old searching for his lost love. He finds the fruits of his labour have borne unexpected seeds, but is unsure the future is safe even with his monumental efforts.

      Part of series  
  • Infinion (#2)

      Related theme(s)  
  • Aliens - Extra-terrestrials
  • Mega corporations - Supranational capitalism

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