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   Writers: A. C. Baantjer (1923 - )  
  About the author  

A.C. Baantjer is the most widely read author in the Netherlands. A former detective inspector of the Amsterdam police, his fictional characters reflect the depth and personality of individuals encountered during his 38-year career in law enforcement. Baantjer holds the honor of being knighted by the Dutch monarchy.


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  1992.  DeKok and Murder On the Menu   (Amazon - Alibris)
1992.  DeKok and the Sombre Nude   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  Dekok and the Careful Killer   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  DeKok and the Corpse on Christmas Eve   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  DeKok and the Dead Harlequin   (Amazon - Alibris)

1993.  DeKok and the Disillusioned Corpse   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  Dekok and the Romantic Murder   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  DeKok and the Sorrowing Tomcat   (Amazon - Alibris)
1994.  DeKok and the Brothers of the Easy Death   (Amazon - Alibris)
1994.  Dekok and the Corpse at the Church Wall   (Amazon - Alibris)

1994.  Dekok and The Dancing Death   (Amazon - Alibris)
1994.  Dekok and the Dying Stroller   (Amazon - Alibris)
1994.  DeKok and the Naked Lady   (Amazon - Alibris)
1996.  DeKok and Murder in Seance   (Amazon - Alibris)
1996.  DeKok and the Deadly Accord   (Amazon - Alibris)

1998.  DeKok and Murder by Instalment   (Amazon - Alibris)
1998.  DeKok and Murder in Ecstacy   (Amazon - Alibris)
1998.  DeKok and the Corpse Return   (Amazon - Alibris)
1998.  DeKok and the Murder in First Class   (Amazon - Alibris)
1999.  DeKok and the Begging Death   (Amazon - Alibris)

2000.  DeKok and the Mask of Death   (Amazon - Alibris)
2002.  DeKok and Dance Macabre   (Amazon - Alibris)
2002.  DeKok and the Devil's Conspiracy   (Amazon - Alibris)
2002.  DeKok and the Disfiguring Death   (Amazon - Alibris)
2002.  DeKok and the Duel at Night   (Amazon - Alibris)

2003.  DeKok and the Deadly Warning   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  Dekok and Murder by Melody   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  DeKok and Murder Depicted   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  Dekok and the Dead Lovers   (Amazon - Alibris)

2004.  Dekok and the Death of a Clown   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  Dekok and the Geese of Death   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  DeKok and the Murder in Bronze   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  Dekok and the Vendetta   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  Dekok and Variations on Murder   (Amazon - Alibris)
2005.  Dekok and Murder by Installment   (Amazon - Alibris)
  • Inspector DeKok
      Recurring themes  

  • Cops - Sheriff (36 books)
  • Murders (36 books)
  • Mystery (36 books)
  • Netherlands (33 books)
  • 20th Century (21 books)
      Internet links  
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