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Detailed bibliographies with links to online stores and dedicated sites.

Neal J. Iacono
Maria Iacuele
David G. Iadevaia
Dawn Ibanez
Eva Ibbotson
Kathy Ice
Richard H. Ichord
David Icke
Joseph C. Idigo
Eric Idle

Nicholas Ifkovits
James Ignizio
Phillip Koko Ijoma
Todd B. Ikard
Van Ikin
Greg Iles
Robert Martin ILiffe
Amber Jo Illsley
Jay Im

Janice Imbach
Jaeyel Imes
Rose Impey
Tom Inabnet
Gary Inbinder
Alison Inches
Jessica Barksdale Inclan
Gary Indiana
Shaina Carmel Indovino
Arnaldur Indridason

Megan Inez
Verse Infinitum
Dean Ing
David Paul Ingalls
Jean Ingelow
Frank Ingels
Randall Ingermanson
Kenneth E. Ingle
Charles Inglin
Jeanette Ingold

Robert Ingpen
Charles Ingrid
Simon Ings
Martin Inigo
India Ink
Rob Inkpen
Crystal Inman
Evan Innes
Richard Innes
Roy Innes

Makoto Inoue
Dr Joseph Intelisano
Arnold J. Inzko
Larissa Ione
Tarry S. Ionta
Dahlov Ipcar
Robert Ipcar
Kenneth Ireland
William Henry Ireland
Barbara Ireson

Mark Irlanda
J. W. Ironmonger
Virginia Ironside
Alexander Irvine
Ian Irvine
Robert Irvine
Clifford Irving
Mark Irving
Washington Irving
Jacqueline J. Irwin

Robert Irwin
Albert L. Isaac
Elizabeth Isaacs
Neil D. Isaacs
Steven Isaacs
Susan Isaacs
Joyce Isaacson
Elaine Isaak
Tony Isabella
Susan Isabelle

Leigha Isbell
Wendy Isdell
Inbali Iserles
Sarah Isidore
T. Isilwath
Sue Isle
Roberta Isleib
Emanuel Isler
Graham Ison
Kavita Israni-Winger

Conrad Alan Istock
Kenneth T. Ito
Mark Ivanhoe
Eric Iverson
David Ives
Hillyer Ives
Carolan Ivey
Alexandra Ivy
Judith Ivy
Michelle Izmaylov
Claude Izner
Anthony Izzo
David Garrett Izzo

Sequels, prequels, series in their reading order and books belonging to a common universe.

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien
I was a Teenage
I, Dragon
I, Vampire
Ian Rutledge
Icarus Chronicles, The
Ice Horse Adventures, The
Ice Prophet

Ice Water Mansion
Ice Wolf Trilogy, The
Icemark Chronicles, The
Iggy Colvin Adventure
Igor Lopes
Ijon Tichy
Ike Schwartz

Ill Met by Moonlight
Illmoor Chronicles, The
Illuminatus (1)
Illuminatus (2) - Schrodinger's Cat
Illuminatus (3) - Historical Chronicles
Illusionist, The
Ilon the Hunter

Imager Chronicles, The
Imager Portfolio, The
Imagine That!
Imaginings: An Anthology of Visionary Literature

Immortal Boundaries
Immortal Empire, The
Immortal Messenger, The
Immortal Ops
Immortal Remains
Immortal Saga, The
Immortality Bites
Immortals After Dark, The
Immortals, The

Imogen Quy Mystery
Imperial Light
Imperial Rome
Imperial Stars
Imperium Saga, The
Imperium Saga, The - The Adventures of Kyria
In a Moment of Time
In Another Time

In Conquest Born
In Fire Forged
In Search of Dorothy
In Search of the Nexus
In the Eye of Heaven
In the Footsteps Of
In the Garden
In the Land of Erde
In the Land of Whispers
In the Light of Passing

In the Mist
In the Same Boat
In the Service of Dragons
In the Shadow of Mountains
In the Shadow of the Dragons Dodecalogy
In the Time of the Sixth Sun
In Times of War
Incarnations of Immortality
Incognito Mosquito, The

Incomplete Enchanter
Inconstant Moon Trilogy
Incredible Hulk
Incredible Worlds Of Wally Mcdoogle, The
InCryptid Novel
Independence Day
India Hayes
Indian, The
Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones - Find Your Fate
Indigo Court
Indigo Star
Infernal Devices, The
Infernal Game, The

Infinity - Empire
Infinity Chronicles
Infinity City
Infinity Express
Infinity Hold Trilogy
Ingrid Beaumont
Ingrid's Journal
Inheritance Trilogy, The
Inheritance Trilogy, The

Inheritors' Cycle, The
Initiate Brother
Ink Drinker, The
Innis Aelga
Inquisitor Ascendant
Inquisitor, The

Inspector Alvarez
Inspector Banks
Inspector Benedict Devlin
Inspector Blackstone
Inspector Bordelli
Inspector Brant
Inspector Carlyle
Inspector Carmichael

Inspector Cenni
Inspector Cetin Ikmen
Inspector Challis
Inspector Chen
Inspector Cobb
Inspector Cross
Inspector DeKok
Inspector Espinosa
Inspector Faro
Inspector Ferenc Kolyeszar

Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation
Inspector Hopper
Inspector Janeway
Inspector John Bright
Inspector Liam McLusky
Inspector Montalbano
Inspector Negro
Inspector Nergui
Inspector Nick Trevellyan and Alison Hope
Inspector O

Inspector Pekkala
Inspector Peroni
Inspector Ramsay
Inspector Rostnikov
Inspector Ruiz
Inspector Sam Blackstone
Inspector Sejer
Inspector Singh
Inspector Starrett
Inspector Thanet

Inspector Torquil McKinnon
Inspector Van Veeteren
Inspector Woodend
Instrumentalities of the Night, The
Integral Trees
Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast
Interplanetary League
Intersolar Commonwealth

Interstellar Empire
Interstellar Monitor
Interstellar Patrol
Interstellar Patrol
Into the Light
Into the Looking Glass
Intrepid Force

Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
Invasion America
Invasion Earth
Invasion of Planet Wampetter, The
Invisible Detective
Invisible War, The
Irene Adler

Irene Kelly
Ireta (1) - Planet Pirates
Ireta (2) - Dinosaur Planet
Irish Eyes Travel
Irish Rose, The
Irish Trilogy, The
Irish Vampire Killers
Iron Angel
Iron Codex , The
Iron Dawn

Iron Dragon, The
Iron Dragons
Iron Druid Chronicles, The
Iron Elves
Iron Man
Iron Man Super Thriller
Iron Thane
Iron Witch

Irving and Muktuk
Isaac Asimov's Anthology Series
Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy
Isaac Asimov's Robot City (1)
Isaac Asimov's Robot City (2) - Robots and Aliens
Isaac Asimov's Robot Mysteries
Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery
Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time
Isaac Asimov's Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction
Isaac Bell

Isaac's Universe
Isabel Dalhousie
Isis Rising
Island and Empire
Island Court
Island of Eden, The

Island of Fog
Island Warrior
Islander / Nantucket Trilogy
Islands quartet, The
Isle of Fire
Isles of Glory, The
It Could Always Be Worse
It's a Dog's Life
Ivory Carver Trilogy, The
Izzy Brand
Izzy Spellman Mysteries

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