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Detailed bibliographies with links to online stores and dedicated sites.

Meera Uberoi
R. Peter Ubtrent
Tow Ubukata
Rachelle Udell
Nahoko Uehashi
Lorna Uglow
Lydia Ugolini
Xina Marie Uhl
Barb Bentler Ullman
Linn Ullmann

Mari Ulmer
Ann Carol Ulrich
Maria Umana
Kaye Umansky
E.E. Umstot
Evelyn Underhill
Glen Underwood
Laura J. Underwood
William R. Underwood
Richard Ungar

Lisa Unger
Bernie Unrau
Boyd Upchurch
Sandra June Upchurch
John Updike
Fran Upman
Eddie Upnick
Dick Upson
Gregory Urbach
Madeleine Urban

John Urbancik
Jean Ure
Louise Ure
Eros Urides
Jane Urquhart
Marcelo Abeal Urquiza
Anne Ursu
James P. Usavage
Frances Usher
Peter Ustinov
Steven Utley
Alison Uttley

Sequels, prequels, series in their reading order and books belonging to a common universe.

U. S. S. A.
Ufo Conspiracy, The
Ukiah Oregon
Ulrika the Vampire
Ulster Cycle
Ultima Saga
Ultima: The Technocrat War
Ultimate Dragon Saga, The

Ultimate Dragon, The
Ultimate, The
Ulysses Moore
Ulysses S. Grant
Umbrella - Fillmore
Umbrella Man, The
Unbegotten, The
Unbidden Magic

Uncle Marco
Under the Stairs
Underground Zealot
Underground, The
Underland Chronicles
Undersea - Eden

Underworld Cycle, The
Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles
Unholy Fire of Blood Trilogy
Unholy Pilgrimage, The
Unicorn and Dragon
Unicorn Chronicles, The
Unicorn Dancer

Unicorn Quest
Unicorn Trilogy
Unicorn Witches
Unicorn's Secret, The
Unicorns of Balinor
Unified Worlds
Union of the Resistance
Union-Alliance - Faded Sun
Union-Alliance - Merovingen Nights

Union-Alliance - The Company Wars
Union-Alliance - The Hanan Rebellion
Union-Alliance - The Merchanters
Union-Alliance - Unionside
United Planets
Unity Trilogy, The
Universal Law
Universal Monsters
Universal Monsters
Universal Secrets Trilogy, The

Universe of Miracles
Unknown Country
Unknown Fate of the World, The
Unlife Legend
Unlikely Exploits
Unquenchable Fire
Unrest Trilogy, The

Unseen, The
Unspeakable Things
Unwound Way
Unwritten Books, The
Uplift (1)
Uplift (2) - Uplift Storm
Upon a Marigold
Urban Dragon
Urban Nucleus

Ursula Marlowe
Urth (1) - The Book of the New Sun
Urth (2) - The Book - Litany of the Long Sun
Urth (3) - The Book of the Short Sun
Usurper Trilogy, The

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