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Detailed bibliographies with links to online stores and dedicated sites.

Dan Yaccarino
Linc Yaco
Dorian Yaeger
Stephen S. Yaeger
Fred Yager
Melissa Yahne
Charles Edward Yallowitz
Irvin Yalom
Karen Tei Yamashita
Mo Yan

Ernest J. Yanarella
Bill Yancey
Rick Yancey
T. Robert Yani
David Yanoff
Brian Yansky
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Frank Yarmik
Jennifer Yarter-Polmatier
D. Ross Yates

David Yates
M. Alan Yates
Murphy Sharon Yates
W. R. Yates
Nienna Yavetil
Ken Yax
Drew Yeager
Hunter Yeats
Paul Yee
Glenn Yeffeth

Ivan Yefremov
Erzebet YellowBoy
Pam Yelverton
Jack Yeovil
Laurence Yep
Jacek Yerka
Nicholas Yermakov
Nancy Yi Fan
Leong Ying
Bill Yirka

A. R. Yngve
Ian Yngveson
Larry Yoakum III
Elizabeth Yocom
Carl B. Yoke
Jane Yolen
Charlotte Mary Yonge
Arthur Yorinks
Carol Beach York
D. York

J. Steven York
James E. York
Justin York
Larry C. York
Pat York
Rebecca York
Sheila York
Christy Yorke
Rima Youil
Marly Youmans

Amanda Young
Charles Young
Chaz A. Young
Dennis Young
Ed Young
Emma Young
Janine Ellen Young
Jay L. Young
Jim Young
Julie Young

Karen Romano Young
Kimberly A. Young
Lauren L. Young
M. Joseph Young
Mark H. Young
Matt Young
Moira Young
Nicky Young
Richard Alan Young
Rick Young

Robert F. Young
Robyn Young
Roy V. Young
Samantha Young
Steve Young
Thomas C. Young
Thomas W. Young
William Young
Joseph Youngblood
Lori J. Younger

Thomas Youngholm
Barry Yourgrau
Tammy M. Yourzek
Michael Youssef
Brenna Yovanoff
D. G. Ysenef
Jerry Yulsman
Demetra Yuvanu
Tanya Yvonne

Sequels, prequels, series in their reading order and books belonging to a common universe.

Yadderwal Balance
Yashim the Eunuch
Year of Changes
Year of the Scarab
Year the Cloud Fell, The
Year's Best Fantasy
Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, The
Year's Best Fantasy Stories, The
Year's Best Horror Stories, The

Year's Best S-F, The
Year's Best Science Fiction, The
Year's Best SF
Year's Finest Fantasy, The
Years of Longdirk
Yellow Brick Road Gang
Yngling, The
Ynis Aielle
York Trilogy
Yorkshire Mystery / Ackroyd & Thackeray Mystery

Young Adults
Young Astronauts, The
Young Bond
Young Brothers, The
Young Hercules
Young Heroes
Young Hippo Adventure
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Young King, The
Young Merlin, The

Young Person's School of Magic and Mystery
Young Wizard (1)
Young Wizard (2)
Your Amazing Adventure
Youth Trilogy
Yusef Ezz el-Din Khalifa

A note about our database of SF and fantasy authors
We are focused on giving you comprehensive bibliographies, including the classification of books (novels, collections and anthologies) in series and themes. We also keep adding biographies, pictures, book covers and synopses on an ongoing basis. Additional information and corrections are always welcome. 

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